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Lecturer and Researcher

I am experienced lecturer with a demonstrated teaching experience of economics and business management areas subjects. Professional skills in policy analysis, applied economic research, and data analysis.

My main research areas include microfinance, entrepreneurship, private sector development, development economics, institutional economics. I also work on various approaches and methods of program evaluation and impact assessment of development programs.  

I am Lecturer Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) and affiliated Researcher at CERGE-EI, University of Economics in Prague and Tashkent University of Economics. I've received Ph.D. in Economics (2014) from CERGE-EI. Since 2009, I have been teaching various economics and business subjects at Charles University, University of Economics in Prague and WIUT.

I also have extensive work experience with international organizations such as UNDP, World Bank, IFC, GDN working on projects related to microfinance, private sector development. While conducting microfinance impact assessment for PhD Dissertation, I've also consulted on microfinance sector diagnostic study and gender issues for UNDP project in Uzbekistan and also cooperated extensively with the European Microfinance Network during 2009-2012 being a winner of their scholarship.

E-mail: nargiza.alimukhamedova@gmail.com 

You can access my research papers in Google Scholar Citations (here), RePEC page (here), and ResearchGate (here)

You can access my profile in LinkedIn here

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